If Loving Adele’s Hello Is Wrong…


There are two types of people in this world: Those that lose themselves in Adele’s music, and those that observe and take notes. It came to my attention earlier this week when I was listening to obsessing over  Hello, and then felt the need to share my thoughts with friends. One of them totally understood my need to belt it out every chance I got while driving (sending neighborhood cats in droves to follow my car because I sound pretty much exactly like Adele if you cover your ears and stub your toe on something hard), and one of them…did not. Upon seeing the video, Jillian asked whose dusty house she was visiting. When I saw the video, I was struck by two things: 1) I need to seriously consider wearing false eyelashes all the time and pretend they’re my own 2)WHY WOULDN’T THAT GUY PICK UP THE PHONE? IT’S ADELE AND SHE’S SORRY. SHE’S SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. THE BOTH OF YOU- YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. IT’S NO SECRET. PICK.UP.THE.PHONE.

I mean, yes, the house is dusty…WITH THE PARTICLES OF THEIR LOVE. So, this is what I mean- two types of people in the world. My other friend, we’ll call her…Nancy, even though her actual name is so much cooler than that, was like – You have to just FEEEEEEEL Adele’s music. You either feel it or you comment on the dusty old farmhouse she filmed the video at- and for the record, I’m sticking with the story that this was where she and Mr.Won’tpickup used to live together, though Jillian insists that they would not have lived there when they were young and free, as it kind of looks like an antique shop, and it’s a farm house. Whatever. I think you can totally be young and free on a farm. Charlotte’s Web anyone? Wilbur was totally young. Not so much free though, until the spider helped. I digress.

ANYWAY, I’m in love with the song, and Adele, and I tend to believe that everyone needs a good power ballad now and again, right?

P.S.I apologize in advance for anyone stopped next to me at a stop light in the near future. I’ve tried singing this quietly, but it’s just not possible.

Hello- Can You Hear Me-

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