Manuscript Update!

So to offer an update on my book progress to all of you that have been asking- here it is- I’ve “finished” the book proposal and “finished” the book. “Finished” is in quotation marks because if you’re a fellow writer or maybe just a perfectionist, you understand that nothing is ever finished. Ever. There are always tweaks here and there, and then there are those days that you think you should probably scrap the whole thing and start over.

The book is an inspirational memoir based on the last four years of my life- the process of letting go of my teaching career to stay home with my first son. That sounds nice and tidy, but the process was pretty ugly. I held control over my life pretty much in a vice grip, and it wasn’t until God took it out of my white knuckled hands that I was able to let it go and embrace what He had for me. So. The book is about that process.

I feel like this isn’t talked about much amongst mothers that stay home after careers, and I could be wrong, but letting go of a dearly loved career felt a lot like grief to me. My self worth was so wrapped up in what I could do, be, produce- it was wrapped up in a title that I held, and I didn’t even recognize this until I let it go.

So maybe that’s you too,  a stay at home mom that has put her own aspirations on hold to raise little ones to go after theirs. I wrote this for you. I wrote it for my boys, so that some day they could see how dearly loved they are- by their mother and by God. There were so many flat-out miracles that happened during this period of time that I had to write about them, and I felt like God didn’t want me to keep this to myself- that it was given to me to share because someone else needs this hope of His provision and faithfulness.

I’m going to be pitching the book in a few weeks and sending out queries and the proposal and pieces of my heart- or at least that’s what this feels like. It’s my story, but it’s really God’s, and so I’m resting in the knowledge that He’s going to do what He wants with it. I hope you’ll join me for this journey.

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