But Wait! There’s More!

Hi Friends. Happy Fourth of July! Ok so I know I’ve been pretty sporadic with my blogging lately. Between tidying up my manuscript and signing up to be on the launch team for two other books, it has been a busy time around here. I’m so excited about these two books (The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee and Doing Good Is Simple by Chris Marlow) and what they are going to do once they are released into the world. Such great messages from both authors that the world desperately needs right now. I will be talking about both of these titles more soon!

So in between all of this launching and writing and instagram-ing I wrote this little article about introducing faith to your kids in a natural way. I didn’t grow up in a very faith based home and it was something that became important to me when I began to grow a family of my own. HOWEVER, I wanted my children to be introduced to faith in an authentic, unforced, natural-as-the-air-we-breathe kind of way. And so, I did a few things to ensure that it never felt Tele-evangelist-with-pink-hair-crying-fake-tears-ish. You know?

Maybe that’s something you have struggled with too. My hope is that you will find some simple ideas in what I’ve written that help you to introduce your kids to God in a way that feels real and resonates with them on a soul level.

If you want to read how I’ve introduced my kids to God  naturally, subscribe to the blog (the button on the upper right hand side of the page) and I’ll send you a free pdf of Five Ways To Introduce Your Kids To Faith In A Natural Way. 

I hope you enjoy it, and my prayer is that it has lasting value to you and your children.




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